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    Eddie uploaded new files: 2 hours ago

    Hi @everyone, the new designs are attached. Go check them out and let me know if I missed anything. Donec ac condimentum massa. Etiam pellentesque pretium lacus. Phasellus ultricies dictum suscipit. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Thanks!

    Red Motor ScooterPNG - 100KB
    Road Sign Close-upPNG - 120KB
    Graffiti ArtPNG - 200KB
    Red Motor ScooterPNG - 100KB
  • Task
    Sarah marked the Pending Review: Trash Can Icon Design 2 days ago
  • Comment
    Okyun posted a task: Design a new Homepage 8 hours ago

    Hey @James, I don't believe that will be neccessary. We will just instruct the devs to build this using percent widths so it will look good on all screens. So, this way we don't have to spend even more time on this!

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